Family dinners

By proclamation of the Missoula Board of County Commissioners, next Monday, Sept. 22, is “Family day: A day to eat dinner with your children.” According to the resolution, studies show that kids who eat dinner with their families are less likely to use drugs and alcohol.

Interesting concept, eh? Growing up, my mom was a huge advocate of sitting down together at the table to enjoy a meal. But with three kids involved in multiple sports, drama, choir and church, and with my father on the School Board, it may have happened on Sundays if we were lucky.

So, do families still eat dinner together? Or has this traditional pastime decayed to the point that proclamations are now necessary to remind folks of this once-common practice?

— Chelsi Moy

One thought on “Family dinners

  1. The first whereas stated that drugs and alcohol constitute the greatest threat to teens. But if you happen to think obesity is a bigger problem, like I do, this is actually the worst thing Anderson and Carey have ever done. A fed kid is a dead kid and utterly bad for our public viewshed.

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