A grab for Google

Mayor John Engen said Missoula will indeed respond to Google with a proposal that this city be a test site for super-duper fast broadband networks.

“We need to keep swinging at the pitches,” Engen said.

He said this coming Tuesday he’ll visit with his staff about scheduling a community meeting in short order to get interested folks around the table — and hear as many ideas as possible to get a strong application out the door.

Engen said when the idea first arose, IT director Carl Horton told him it’d be great for Missoula to toss its name in the hat. He’s heard from a handful of other folks, but he said no campaign is necessary.

“We’re on it. It’s great.”

— Keila Szpaller

9 thoughts on “A grab for Google

  1. Well being at least somewhat responsible for making sure this made it in front of a bunch of our city council persons who were quick to realize the value and make sure it received the appropriate attention I for one am extremely glad that Missoula will at least be putting in a response to Google’s RFI. Worst they can say is No.

  2. WOOHOO! I’m really glad to hear this, will give it a shot if it all goes thru 😛

  3. Google rolled this announcement out on February 10. The meeting to talk about scheduling a meeting to talk about responding will take place on March 9th. Better late than never. I hope those who have technical expertise, questions about the business model, and a good sense about Missoula’s offering will let themselves be known to the City ASAP. In order to be competitive on this deal, we need to marshal our community resources in fairly short order. If you think you can contribute something to the task of understanding where Missoula comes down in this effort, don’t hold back!

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  5. Topeka is now Google, Kansas? I wonder what happens if you try to mail a letter there…

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