Vote for June bug! And Squeak! And Natalie!

junebugI know Red Tape has been all about dogs. Guess what? Councilwoman Marilyn Marler is making up for it!

See her and her sweetie’s four cats on their blog, Montana Wildlife Gardener, AND vote one of the felines 2010 Cat of the Year!

I like Squeak, whose 2010 accomplishments include not killing any family members. Also this: “She is our fluffiest cat, but also the most flammable.”

June bug, though, will get my vote despite her high cost per pound. (Yes, you can see a dollar amount for each cat.) June bug is pictured here, and she gets my vote ’cause she had a rough go in the beginning but seems to be making some great strides: 

She was kept in an outdoor dog crate for 8 years and badly neglected before someone turned her in to the Humane Society in fall 2009. ….. Her only two teeth are in pretty good shape.

She now grooms herself (mainly just her face). She sleeps by our heads in bed with us every night.

Neglected for eight years? And still a great big purr? It makes me wonder if I can vote more than once … Maybe one time for each year of neglect?

You, however, also could vote for Natalie the diva, or Alex, but Alex won last year so maybe it’s time for someone else to be champion.

Vote ASAP!! Offer ends soon!! Just three days left in 2010!!!

Can’t wait to hear who wins.

— Keila Szpaller

P.S. I’m just voting once. What’s fair is fair. Oh, and after you vote, you can see up-to-date results. Very cool.

4 thoughts on “Vote for June bug! And Squeak! And Natalie!

  1. Do I comment on how fabulous June, et al are or how much I admire Ms. Marler for her cat family and the amazing way she cares for her cats? How about all of that, and more? I got know know June when she was staying out at The Humane Society of Western Montana, where I proudly volunteer time each week. June got some of my time and nearly all of my heart. I’m so blessed to know who she ended up with and see that she’s gorgeous once again and living life. Thank you, Marilyn, for loving June so well and her “siblings” as well. Perhaps most of all, I thank the Humane Society of Western Montana, and their amazingly wise, compassionate and skilled staff for giving a home to the homeless, a voice to the silent, and love to the hopeless and bereft. I don’t even want to contemplate a life without that place, or a world without people like Ms. Marler! Thank you, finally, to Ms. Szpaller for this wonderfully written and thoughtful post. P.S. – maybe this is one case where stuffing the ballot box is not only acceptable but encouraged. You know the old saying … vote early and vote often!

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Ms. Small, and for your wonderful work at the Humane Society. David and I think the world of that organization.

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