An elections surprise for you!

treeWard 1 has a candidate for the Missoula City Council!

I checked filings at the Missoula County Elections Office this morning, and all the people who said they would file indeed did.

In Ward 1, which includes the Rattlesnake, the Northside, and downtown, Bryan von Lossbergis in the running. So far, he’s on his own.

He’s a Northsider. In Ward 1, Councilman Dave Strohmaier lives in the downtown area, and Councilman Jason Wiener resides in the Rattlesnake.

I just searched our archives for von Lossberg’s name, and I learned he was a member of the Municipal Conservation & Climate Action Plan Task Force.

All for now.

– Keila Szpaller

Go outside!

And that’s an order. I just went outside to grab a photo for this blog.


Here’s a duck who was eating in the Clark Fork River. I think this animal is one reason for the … wait for it … CONSERVATION & CLIMATE ACTION PLAN.

Yes, we’re finally back to it. We’ve read the first eight pages, and now, we’ve reached the introduction.

It talks about the reason for the plan, and there’s a few. One, of course, is the city wants to save money. Then, there’s this reason, related to our friend duck.

“The City of Missoula should operate as a steward to sustain natural resources and our environment for future generations through energy and resource conservation.

“The City of Missoula recognizes that fossil fuels and other natural resources are finite and that we need to take action to reduce their consumption.”

The plan also is supposed to “mitigate the associated negative impacts to human health.” The document mentions asthma, respiratory diseases, heart disease and mercury-related neurological damage.

“At the same time, reducing fossil fuel use decreases harm to the environment by reducing air pollution, acid rain, and drought.”

Super. And all for now. Oh, photo credit goes to the ProCamera app and I forget which filter. Are you on Instagram, by the way? Send your handle.

– Keila Szpaller

Handsome sat outside Council Chambers

Isn’t this giant pup a sweetie? The pooch was parked outside Council Chambers last night.

Do you know what happened at the meeting? The Missoula City Council unanimously adopted “Reaching Home: Missoula’s 10-year Plan to End Homelessness.”

I’ll tell you one great thing about the meeting. The audience was full, maybe 90 percent full, and not one person spoke against the plan.

Usually, when the house is packed, it’s because people want to oppose something. And oftentimes, when the council is going to pass something unanimously, just a few people show up to say they agree with it.

If you want to read the document that brought out a bunch of supporters, it’s right here.

– Keila Szpaller

One in three food bank clients is a child

I feel like I should have known that already, but for some reason, it just sunk in this weekend when I read Jenna Cederberg’s story about the Missoula Food Bank’s participation in a contest for $20,000.

Children are one third of the food bank’s clients. Click here to vote for Missoula, and you can vote once a day this month. (I’m having trouble with this link for some reason, but it’s probably my computer.)

Photo editor Kurt Wilson took that picture.

In city business, members of the Missoula City Council put in their budget requests. Check ‘em out in this story.

The smallest one came from Councilman Ed Childers, at least if you don’t count the council members who didn’t have any requests.

Childers wants $2,500 a year for Parks and Rec to landscape traffic circles.

The story has the rest of the wish list. Happy week!

– Keila Szpaller