City elections won’t be dull! Hooray!

molokaiThe mayor’s race is contested. Wonderful!

So is the one for judge. Yes!

Choices galore!

The photo here isn’t of any candidate. It’s just a man who was walking down the Higgins Avenue bridge with a musical instrument and a bird.

The man’s name is Shane Nathan, and his bird’s name is Moloka’i. The man is from Missoula, and I think that basket might be the bird’s little bed.

Know what? Here’s an idea. Let’s not share this photo with any of those people who are going to go cuckoo about a person keeping a wild bird, OK? Excellent.

So since I’m waiting for phone calls, I’ll bring up a couple things here.

One, if you have ideas for ways you think we should cover the city elections this year, I’m all ears. As you know, we usually do profiles, Q&As, bio boxes, mugs, the usual.

Two, this blog really frustrates me sometimes because I can’t keep up with the things I want to share here. I don’t remember if I’ve tried this before in a committed way, but I’m going to try posting short and often. You let me know what you think, OK?

Hey, guess what? My phone hasn’t rattled yet, so I actually am finishing this post and publishing it.

Happy, happy sun worshiping this weekend.

— Keila Szpaller

We have a candidate in every city race in Missoula!


As you know, it’s a municipal election year.

A few people filed right out of the gate, but some seats for the Missoula City Council had no one running on April 29, when the Elections Office started taking paperwork.


Filing closes June 27, and so far, we have a runner for every office and a race in Ward 6:

Ward 1: Bryan Von Lossberg

Ward 2: Jordan Hess

Ward 3: Emily Bentley

Ward 4: Jon Wilkins, incumbent

Ward 5: Annelise Hedahl

Ward 6: Marilyn Marler, incumbent; Ernest Szechenyi

As you know, John Engen still wants to be the mayor, and no one is officially running against him, at least yet. Same with Kathleen Jenks, who is the only person who has filed for the post of Municipal Judge.

On another note, I took this photo on Sunday of one of the many Bitterroot flowers blooming on Waterworks. I think it’s nice you don’t have to march all the way up Mount Sentinel to see them.

Also, I’m still hoping some of the other material lost on this site will be restored, but we will see. Let me know if you see anything that used to be here and isn’t anymore.

— Keila Szpaller

Moose. Poverello. Cities of the future.

I’ve posted the story of the baby moose just about everywhere, and now, it’s on for the first time! Breaking news!

I love the story. The photo, too. Click here to see the fisherwoman and doctor with the moose in her arms.

If you can’t get enough good news, keep reading. The Poverello Center launched its capital campaign, and the shelter and soup kitchen already raised $1.1 million.

The coolest thing Pov director Eran Fowler Pehan told me is that a $500 check came from a man who used to stay at the Pov and then found a home and a job.

What else?

I’ve been reading a little bit about cities of the future. Here’s one BBC story that talks about concrete that repairs itself, and please feel free to send me anything you think is interesting on the topic of urban design.

The photo? It’s a shop dog I see all the time, usually curled up on a chair inside the window. Yesterday, he was basking in the morning sun as I walked by.

– Keila Szpaller