Stories, not stories

dancingmanAre you staying up on the elections for Missoula Municipal Court?

Here’s one story about a DUI one candidate received in 2003.

Here’s another story about how judge races are different than other campaigns.

Here’s the Missoula Independent’s story about the DUI.

Unrelated, but interesting, especially if you’re into trees: A story from Governing about the value of trees. Can you imagine price tags hanging from trees?

Finally, the items that aren’t really stories, but I’m going to fill you in on them anyway.

In some communities, the urban chicken fad went awry. People got chickens, realized they took some work, and started sending them to Animal Control.

That’s not happening here, according to our new Animal Control supervisor, Jeff Darrah. They’re overrun with dogs and cats, though.

Also, the city’s taxable value came in a little lower than expected this year, but not super low, and all within the margin accounted for when the Missoula City Council adopted the budget.

Bruce Bender, the chief administrative officer, said the city estimated the growth would be $340,000, and it was $300,000.

“We just managed that with our cash reserves,” Bender said.

— Keila Szpaller

Photo: Art on the Northside railroad fence. KS.

Just one woman? “Investor News,” by the numbers

This afternoon, I was catching up on some reading material that piled up on my desk. “Investor News” from the Missoula Economic Partnership had a couple interesting numbers in an issue dated June 27, 2013.

158: “The number of business development meetings the Partnership facilitated or participated in since February with companies and economic development entities.”

That’s a lot. I ran into a local business owner who has made more than a dozen hires this year, and he attributes some of the success to the MEP.

That’s good news. The other number?

One: The number of women (woman?) on two new committees the Partnership announced in the newsletter. That’s Susan Ash, of PartnersCreative.

Collectively, the other 18 people on the new Government Affairs Committee and Investor Relations Council are all men.

The Government Affairs Committee “formed to identify and mitigate barriers for economic development.” Members are Dirk Visser, of Allegiance Benefit Plan Management; Royce Engstrom, of the University of Montana; Scott Burke, of First Security Bank; David Bell, of ALPS; and Bill Squires, of Blackfoot Telecommunications Group.

The Investor Relations Council aims to “help the Board of Directors understand investors’ interests, expectations and needs.” It’s made up of a steering team and sounding board, and all but one of the members is a woman all of the members are men, except one. That’s Ash, on the steering team.

— Keila Szpaller

P.S. Updated. Thanks for the edit, Cory Walsh.