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Let me tell you about my lovely visit to the Humane Society of Western Montana.

I met a puppy named Bean. Michael Gallacher took his photo. Click here for roly-poly smushy-puppy goodness.

On Twitter, @TheAlexMetcalf made note of the cheerful story:
TheAlexMetcalf6:25am via Twitter for iPhone

I’ve got you this time @KeilaSzpaller – puppies in the paper!! Start of the#sunshinetimes?


That’s sunny news, but the Sunshine Times also could refer to reporters trying to shine a light on the work of government. This week, an honorary flashlight goes to reporter @KathrynHaake, who has been trying to dislodge the report on a fatal shooting by a Missoula Police Department officer from the County Attorney’s Office.

Here’s a series of tweets she sent yesterday:

KathrynHaakeJan 21, 3:08pm via Twitter Web Client

Missoula County Attorney’s office says says details re: Dec. 31 officer-involved fatal shooting will be released during coroner’s inquest.


Jan 21, 3:10pm via Twitter Web Client

They won’t confirm or deny what the mother of the deceased told the Missoulian yesterday: sheriff found the cop justified in fatal shooting.


Jan 21, 3:12pm via Twitter Web Client

“I understand the urgency of public airing of the facts & I will get that done as soon as I can.” – Marks, Chief Deputy County Attorney

The shooting took place Dec. 31.

Other news?

For a laugh, here’s the Gallop Poll from Mother Jones, a list of politicians falling off their horses. Yep, Rehberg is named.

For a serious topic, Councilors Bryan Von Lossberg and Adam Hertz debated condemnation last week. Story here.

Mountain Water Co. President John Kappes did an interview with KGVO here. It was a while ago, but the topic remains relevant.

All for now.

– Keila Szpaller

Koalas! Copple. Condemnation. Missoula government.


Do you know how to sew? Even a little bit?

If so, there’s a koala bear out there who needs your help with a pair of mittens. Apparently, they’re not hard to make.

This from the Washington Post’s Speaking of Science blog:

Over the past week, a series of bushfires in Australia has left koalas badly burnt or even killed. It’s summer down there, and the hot, dry weather makes some areas prone to wildfire.

And in local news? Hmm.

Councilwoman Caitlin Copple is resigning. She did a lot more in three years than some council members do in a full term. Stay tuned for the application deadline to be considered for the post.

The South Avenue property rights lawsuits cost the city $671,000, according to the chief administrative officer.

The Carlyle Group’s lawyer was in Missoula County District Court on Thursday arguing to dismiss the global equity firm from the case. The exchange between lawyer Bill Mercer and Judge Karen Townsend was interesting.

That’s it for now. Please click on the Post’s blog so you can see a photo of an actual koala with mittens.

– Keila Szpaller

Photo: Thinkstock


Good news for puppies! Happy 2015

Perry Backus has this story and the above photo about the puppies rescued from a Sanders County breeding mill.

The last of 15 Labrador puppies rescued in December by the Thompson River Animal Care Shelter from an alleged puppy mill operation in Plains will be in their new homes by the weekend.

In other great news, yesterday, I thought I had spotted Hannah, the dog that Animal Control had saved – twice. She had been at the shelter for maybe more than a year.

Yes, they told me, Hannah indeed had been adopted, and the family loves her, and she loves them. They told Animal Control they aren’t keen on a story, but I’m sharing the brief good news here anyway.

When I took another look at Hannah’s picture, I realized the dog I saw wasn’t her after all, ’cause that pup had a white star on her nose. But the similarity prompted the call, and now we all have good news.

Happy Wednesday.

– Keila Szpaller