Garden City Compost takes first prize for only name as nondescript as “the compost operation”

The city decided on a name for its newly-acquired compost facility – formerly EKO Compost – and they stuck to tradition using the Garden City moniker.

Apparently, EKO decided to keep the name when they sold the company (business reporter Dave Erickson’s best guess on why was brand reputation), and the city referred to it in memos the last few weeks as “the compost operation.”

So Garden City Compost was born.

Now, don’t get it confused with the 16 local businesses that showed up when I Googled “Garden City Missoula.”

Those include the recognizable – Garden City Property Management, Garden City Plumbing & Heating, Garden City Monument Services – and some I’ve never heard of – Garden City Duplicate Bridge Club, Garden City Fungi.

At least they didn’t go with Zootown Compost.

But for all my snark, I’m having trouble thinking of anything more creative.

City Of Missoula-post?

Besides that, some city council members weren’t too happy with staff’s decision to close the facility during the winter, with drop-offs available on a pre-scheduled basis.

You can read more of that here

In more council news, their plan to help out people struggling to pay their property tax bills is getting a lot of attention (at least in our comments section- I haven’t left the office yet for fear of an extremity freezing and falling off)

Mind you, Julie Armstrong was very clear this is more to raise awareness of the state’s tax-aid programs already in place than to get a bunch of donations.

I’m interested to see the conversation around this when it gets to a Monday night meeting.

-Pete Friesen

p.s.- good to be posting on Red Tape for the first time. We’ll see how long it is before Keila realizes this was a very bad idea.