Ruth Swaney takes a Missoula City Council post; advice for the stressed


See those beagles? Well, they’re pretty cute. The S.O. saw them at the Missoula Fresh Market and sent a picture.

The picture was his gift to me, and now, my gift to you.

Also, eat ice cream if you’re stressed, or you’re just in the mood for deliciousness. The Big Dipper is open, and I recommend one scoop of El Salvador coffee and one of coconut.

OK, now that you’ve decompressed, the important stuff:

Here’s reporter Peter Friesen’s story about Ruth Swaney, the first Native American woman to take a council seat in Missoula. She takes the seat of Harlan Wells, who took a job working in Helena.

President Donald Trump has inspired a lot of people to protest against him. Climate activists at the University of Montana. Missoulians demonstrating against his travel ban targeting Muslims. Women from Helena to Washington, D.C., demanding human rights for all.

For the time being, anyway, the Nazi/white nationalist/white supremacist beat has been quiet in Montana, and that’s a relief.

One more thing? A request for help. I’m slowly getting to work on some coverage of college affordability. I’ll share tidbits here, and if you have good information or contacts, I’d love to hear fro you: 523 5262 or

Today, Tyler Trevor, from the Montana Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education, testified to legislators that the state’s flagships have increased tuition 31 percent in a decade, compared to the 65 percent to 85 percent increases among peers in the West.

“We are at the top for holding down the price of tuition,” Trevor said.

All for now.

  • Keila Szpaller