How to compost your twiggy bits (no couches allowed)

This week I went out to the city’s composting center, Garden City Compost. Aside from a new sign and front gate, it’s largely the same as EKO Compost for now, but Wastewater Superintendent Starr Sullivan’s plans are pretty drastic.

He wants to lay down concrete pads in neat rows to sort waste and mulch at different stages of the process, eventually storing finished compost in a warehouse and using conveyor belts to transfer waste from pile to pile.

Curb side pickup, although the hot topic on the city government’s listserv this week, isn’t yet in the works, but you can go out there and buy as much or as little compost as you like for $26/yard.

My favorite part of the story: About 5-6 years ago, EKO’s grinder stopped working consistently and their pile of unground green waste (tree branches, grass, logs, etc.) piled up on 17ish acres of land. Sullivan estimated it would take them three years to get through it all.

Plus, the pile is full of random trash including couches, beer cases and a car transmission

Read it!

Then go check out the Big Lebowski back at the Wilma Friday night. I’m excited to not hear one line of dialogue over the crowd yelling it out over the movie.