The sun exists! For like a whole day! Also elections and hate crimes

On a bike ride this afternoon to check out some construction in the Rattlesnake I saw some great unofficial bus stop seating.







On to news:

Lisa Triepke announced her challenge to three-term incumbent John Engen with some bold campaign flyers- Lisa Triepke Covers.

I talked with Adam Hertz afterwards and he raised an interesting point: Engen hasn’t had a serious challenger the last two elections.

Four years ago there were three, but they all filed the last day and Peggy Cain got just 16.5 percent of the vote to Engen’s 66 percent. The election before that he ran unopposed.

Even if Engen wins again by a landslide, I’m curious to see how many people vote for Triepke as a gauge of Missoula’s general unhappiness with taxes, city purchases, snowplowing, etc.

And, after a few months off from constant hate crime coverage, the Missoulian’s newest reporter Ashley Nerbovig is working with ProPublica’s Documenting Hate project to try and get accurate hate crime numbers in Montana.

The federal government doesn’t have accurate reports, so ProPublica asked newsrooms around the country to investigate themselves. If you have a hate crime to report, go here.

And no, it’s not just for whiny liberals.

documneting hate