Reporters Keila Szpaller and Chelsi Moy started this Missoulian blog in 2008. At the time, Chelsi covered Missoula County and Keila covered the City of Missoula.

In 2012, Chelsi, a political junkie who gets warm fuzzies on Election Day, headed to the University of California, Berkeley, to seek a master’s in journalism. She’s a lifelong Montanan who hails from Helena, and she may return someday.

Keila continues to think she has the best job on the planet being a reporter covering City Hall in Missoula. Those who disagree the city beat is riveting have not seen people wear chicken costumes to City Council meetings. Believe it or not, it’s all part of the sausage making, and you’ll find those tidbits and more on this blog.


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  1. Keila,
    I was very disappointed to see the following comments on your blog. “Did you see that Councilman Mike O’Herron might resign?” Your post was grossly irresponsible as was Mr. Chaney’s original article. “I suspect you don’t say that publicly unless you already have plans to resign.” As a journalist, it is not your job to report what you “suspect,” especially when your cited source used creative licensing to make his article a story. Shame on both of you.

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