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  As wood decoration is more and more popular with the public, many people want a piece of wood market, which leads to confusion in the wood market, uneven wood supply level, a large number of fake and shoddy goods, and many problems for many consumers, so how to avoid buying these shoddy Wood Markets? Here's how to distinguish good and bad anticorrosive wood.
  Normal: 1. Check whether a large number of manufacturers in the market of anti-corrosion wood plywood pack imported wood like ordinary domestic wood, the increase of cost and price, and check the trademark, site, grade and anti-counterfeiting mark of wood when the user purchases. In these basic information, check the quality of wood, many burr poor wood surfaces, and the real board surface is relatively smooth, The symmetry is close to the interlayer, the board surface is flat, the color is consistent, and there are few joint holes and repaired ones. Particleboard, medium density board and joinery board also have all kinds of thickness and grade, the price is very different. Good board is not only thick, but also compact in density, so it is not easy to expand and deform in water.
  2. 檢查原始木材的質量:很多冷杉在江西和其他地區生產的木材市場將充作貴州冷杉,樟腦松假扮成紅色鐵杉冒充南松,消費者要注意區分的特點,這些木頭當他們再次購買,你可以在網上看木頭,然后當場購買。
  2. Check the quality of raw wood: many fir products in Jiangxi and other regions will be used as Guizhou fir in the wood market, and camphor pine will pretend to be red hemlock and pretend to be Nansong. Consumers should pay attention to the distinguishing features. When they buy these woods again, you can look at the wooden head online and buy them on the spot.
  3. Comparison of finished products and raw wood: there are still many logs in the market that are true, but the finished products deal with paint and try to muddle through, so consumers compare the original wood and finished products, that is to say, the mixed parts manufacturers have good materials on the surface, and use different sandwich materials. Consumers should seize every detail, deliver the finished products, and check to prevent "stealing the beam and changing the post".
  Especially the window, the wood wall board, the wood line, the grating these kinds, the heartwood mostly uses the inferior wood, the antiseptic wood inside and outside core must be consistent, do not let oneself choose and buy the wood to make mistakes in the last seam.
  Anticorrosive wood building can not only guarantee the green environment of life form, but also ensure the environment of green building, traditional dusty concrete building, Jinan anticorrosive wood flower building materials, etc., and also make the building more green and environmental protection. The supporting of the future mainstream forms under construction, anticorrosive wood forms a set of building materials that are more normal in use, but does not contain substances harmful to human body.
  If you've never been to Europe and the United States, you've seen TV and movies in Europe and the United States. People in Europe and the United States prefer to live in the suburbs. They prefer to live in the suburbs and enjoy good air and environment. They prefer to enjoy life, even if it will make their life more inconvenient. Then in the suburbs, you can see many wood structures and wooden structures in foreign countries, For example, 90% of wooden villas in the United States are built every year. However, in China, wood engineering is less used by people, because many people think it is not strong enough and has poor moisture-proof performance. However, according to the service life of foreign anticorrosive wood, the use of anticorrosive wood has no great impact. Its service life can be compared with that of concrete buildings, but if it is properly protected, its service life will be even shorter than that of concrete buildings.
  In terms of environmental protection, wood is completely renewable, and its characteristics are more suitable for human habitation, warm in winter and cool in summer. In addition, anticorrosive wood has good permeability, and indoor air maintenance is very beneficial. It is a complete green building. Therefore, the residential wood structure building is excellent for human body and environment, and it is also the right direction for the development of green ecological housing, which is worth vigorously promoting.