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 1. 可移動的鋪設方法:
  1. Movable laying method:
  (1) the anti-corrosion wood front and keel are connected with stainless steel cross screws;
  (2) fix the keel on the anti-corrosion wood with screws, and combine several pieces to form a whole, which will not damage the structure on the ground, but also can be disassembled and cleaned freely;
  2, fixed installation method: expansion screws fixed the keel on the ground, the expansion screw was nylon material (anti-aging better), the iron expansion pipe should be painted with anti rust paint, and then covered with antiseptic wood.
  3. Hanger laying method: after the keel is leveled on the ground, it can be connected into a frame / frame structure, and then anti-corrosion wood is laid.
  (1) base treatment of wood structure: the air circulation between anti-corrosion wood and the ground shall be fully adhered to in the planning and construction, so as to extend the service life of the base of wood structure.
  (2) in the process of making anticorrosive wood, a gap of 0.2-1cm shall be left between the anticorrosive wood (the gap size shall be determined according to the moisture content of the wood; when the moisture content of the wood exceeds 30%, it is better not to exceed 0.8cm), so as to prevent water accumulation in rainy days and expansion of the anticorrosive wood;
  (3) square columns with thickness greater than 50mm or 90mm can be slotted in the reverse center to reduce cracking.
  (4) the hardware shall be connected by stainless steel, hot-dip galvanizing or copper (to prevent corrosion, it shall be connected first and affect the connection fastness). Please drill in advance to prevent the wood from cracking.
  (5) try to use the existing size and shape, and apply preservative and on-site protective paint to the damaged parts; the post anticorrosive wood itself is a semi-finished product, the rough part can be in the shop, such as the moisture content of wood is less than 20%, sanding, if you want to have a better effect, you can finish the protective coating in the field of clean appearance (such as the color protective coating should be vigorously stirred). In case of rain, it is better to cover with plastic cloth, for example, it will be sunny after the field protective paint is repainted. Note: the coating should be prevented within 24 hours after rain.
  (6) after the surface is coated, the on-site protective coating or oily coating (only once) shall be applied to achieve the best effect. Within 48 hours, it is necessary to prevent people from walking or lifting heavy objects, and avoid damaging the protective film formed on the surface of anticorrosive wood. If you want to get better antifouling effect, you need to carry out two special field varnish treatments on the surface.
  (7) due to the particularity of antiseptic wood in the field, the antiseptic wood will have cracks, slight deformation and normal phenomenon, which will not affect its antiseptic performance and structural strength.
  (8) generally, the wood protective coating on site is water permeable. Will it form a protective layer in the wood fiber? The film can effectively prevent the wood from being corroded by water. When cleaning, it can be cleaned with general detergent, and things can be brushed with brush.
  (9) once a year to one and a half years protection; use special wood water-based coating or oil-based coating to brush.