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I don't know if you have found that the market of anti-corrosive wood gardens with environmental protection as the mainstream is quietly rising. Especially in recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's consumption level, the voice of environmental protection has become more and more intense. A series of gardening landscapes, such as flower racks, corridors and wooden houses, which mainly consist of anti-corrosive wood in Shandong Province, have begun to enter people's vision.
Antiseptic wood is a kind of wood processed by technology, which has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, fungus-proof, insect-proof, mildew-proof and water-proof. Antiseptic wood can directly contact the soil and humid environment. It is mostly used in outdoor floors, projects, landscapes, flower racks, wooden walkways, etc. It can provide people with rest and enjoy the natural beauty, and is favored by horticultural designers. In recent years, with the development of real estate and the improvement of people's living standard, the landscape which originally appeared in some places of the first and second-tier cities has also begun to emerge in large numbers in the third and fourth-tier cities, and the market space of anti-corrosive wood is also rapidly expanding and therefore widely known.
Wood preservation technology is conducive to improving the service life of wood products, saving wood and protecting forest resources. It can be said that the development of wood preservation industry is an important way to vigorously promote the saving and substitution of national wood resources. Therefore, preservative wood has long been a hot-selling wood in foreign countries, and many famous tourist landscape timber abroad are mostly preservative wood. With the implementation of the national sustainable development strategy, more and more antiseptic wood is used in landscape planning.
Wooden landscape supported by anti-corrosive wood can be seen everywhere in parks, urban green spaces and other landscape sites. They embellish urban gardens and enable people to realize their dream of returning to nature. For example, the anti-corrosive wood buildings in Tianzhushan Park and Wuyuan Bay Wetland Park in Xiamen are light and concise, and can be integrated with the natural environment, which greatly meets people's needs for the use and aesthetics of buildings.
In recent years, a large number of outdoor works such as antiseptic wooden trestles, leisure walks, chairs, flower boxes, waiting pavilions, swings and garbage cans have been constructed in municipal projects, parks and residential districts in some cities of China. These wooden landscape works constructed with antiseptic wood are more popular among people.
Antiseptic wood has the basic functions of termite prevention, fungi prevention and corrosion prevention, and also has the characteristics of good permeability and strong resistance to loss. It can inhibit the change of moisture content of treated wood and reduce the degree of wood cracking. At the same time, the anti-corrosive wood contact with wet soil or hydrophilic effect is particularly significant, to meet the outdoor use of various climatic environments for 15-50 years unchanged.
At present, the main materials of preservative wood are Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica in Russia and Pinus sylvestris in North America, while Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica in Russia and Pinus sylvestris in the United States enter the Chinese market in an astonishing number every day.
According to statistics, at present, besides the first-tier cities, dozens of second-tier and third-tier cities in China have begun to use large quantities of anti-corrosive wood. The use of anticorrosive wood has developed from the initial small batch use of outdoor fences to the new development stage of the overall use of anticorrosive wood for garden cabins, indoor furniture, hotel decoration and so on.
Generally speaking, anticorrosive wood will bring complete ecological chain such as raw material transportation, semi-finished product processing, finished product sales and late maintenance to the wood market. The anticipated anticorrosive wood market with high performance-price ratio is not worth looking forward to.
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