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Wooden houses are made of wood, so when we have advantages, defects also come with them. What are the core points of wooden houses that cause insects
Insect prevention of wooden houses is one of the essential elements for the long-term survival of wooden houses. The insects that mainly eat wood are termites and beetles. Termites are more harmful than beetles
Termites are hidden and social insects. There are more than 2000 species of termites in the world and nearly 100 species in China. They are mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Basin and warm and humid places in the south. Termites mainly feed on wood and water. Termites live a photophobic life. When termites look for food outside the nest, they are carried out in the ant road built of soil. Therefore, nests are often built near the water source for wood components. Therefore, wooden components in dark and humid parts such as kitchen and bathroom are easy to be eroded by termites.
The common beetles that erode wood in China are longicorn beetle, bark beetle, longicorn beetle and bark beetle. The larva moths into a tunnel in the wood. When it is mature, it becomes a pupa at the end of the tunnel. After eclosion, the adult bites an oval hole and flies out. Longicorn beetles feed on the fiber of wood, and its main harmful wood is broad-leaved trees such as Casuarina equisetifolia. Bark beetles and bark beetles feed on wood starch and sugars, mainly sapwood endangering broad-leaved trees. Oak, Carya cathayensis, Robinia pseudoacacia and other tree species with large pipe holes were severely damaged. The larvae moth the interior of the wood into powder, leaving only a thin shell, surrounded by many dense insect eyes and powdered sawdust.
Beetles mainly eat wood with low water content, while termites are only more serious to wet wood. Therefore, the pest control measure is to isolate the wood from the water source, which has an obvious effect on reducing the harm of termites to the wood. However, the moisture-proof structure is only an auxiliary measure for insect prevention. In all areas with termites or beetles, wood structures and wood products shall be equipped with insect prevention agents and treated.
In order to ensure the durability of the wooden house, countries all over the world adopt the existing energy. For example, the boron phenol mixture prepared with boric acid, borax and sodium pentachlorophenol is a water-soluble agent. These agents are both antiseptic and insect resistant.
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